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Specialists in Portable Appliance Testing

• Fully Insured / Liability
• Expert & Qualified Staff
• All Staff Fully Vetted
• Service with Pride & Passion
• Cheap Pat Test Prices

1-50 items - £75.00 flat rate
1-100 items - £120.00 flat rate
101 - 999 items - 85p an item
1000+ items - 70p an item

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London Pat

About Us: Being a young and progressive company we give our clients exactly what they want and each package is specifically tailored to each customer needs. We can carry out testing out of business hours so there is no inconvenience to the day to day running of your business.

Dates pass or fail label applied to each item tested Test certificate detailing each item tested and the result. Work undertaken by vetted, Qualified and uniformed engineers